SOR Element Enduro Adjustable Battery Tray Mount

  • $19.99
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CNC Machined billet aluminum, comes in basic black anodize finish so there’s no bling taking away from the scale realism of your truck. Weighs just 20 grams and helps stiffen your chassis. Multiple positions for mounting your battery tray. In the near future we will have downloadable STL files of different battery trays. If you plan on running your battery tray as far down as possible, you will only be able to secure the tray with 2 screws (plenty strong enough mount with only 2 screws due to the rigidity of the part.). You will need to modify your plastic tray with a Dremel to clear your front driveshaft, but it gets your battery tray practically touching your plastic floor boards. Comes with 4 nylon lock nuts and uses your existing screws.

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