SOR EPX Pro Performance Kit for the Element RC Enduro

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*This item has been discontinued*


The SOR EPX Pro performance kit for the Element RC Enduro

*All the benefits of an aftermarket LCG chassis, without the need for disassembly of your truck.
*C1 legal nearly everywhere because it keeps the stock C-channel chassis rails.
*Carbon Fiber Shock mounts weigh only 1 gram each. Maintains low center of gravity by not using laser cut steel or machined aluminum towers. Keeps weight down low where it belongs. Lots of mounting holes, flip the mount upside down for even more upper shock mounting choices. Allows “full-droop” without the need for a bent panhard.
*Shocks are moved 3mm outward on each side for increased stability and improved side hilling. No need to remove material if you move the lower shock mount to the link mount. Allows you to use brass link axle mounts with no need for grinding on them.
*Black anodized billet aluminum cnc machined rear upper link mounts. Mounts are threaded at the chassis for easy installation. Same lateral geometry as stock, meaning your links maintain the same plane as the stock location. No cheap laser cut steel that moves your links outward or inward. Our stepped design accomplished this. Pro version comes with our aluminum rear axle upper link riser, and aluminum adjustable battery tray mount. They weigh 7grams, and 20 grams respectively. 

All new orders ship with the V2 Battery Tray Mount included!

**Made In the USA**


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