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Action Cam Battery Strap

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If you’re a drag racer, this could be your new best friend! Actually if you’re a basher too.  Replace your battery strap with an Action Cam Battery Strap, (depending on the height of your body you will want to add a simple mount extension) and start sharing your greatest moments with your friends! Catch every backflip, double backflip?, or the gap-eroni & cheese you serve your street outlaw buddies- and do so with awesome in-car first person footage. Made by a young local racer in our Seattle area community, and we think this is a great idea! This is a durable 3D printed product. 

available for Traxxas Slash, Team Associated 5 series (B5, SC5, and T5), and 6 series (SC6.1, T6, B6.1, B6.2) 

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