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SOR 10mm LED headlight kit (12v)

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SOR 10mm LED headlight kits are an easy way to add lighting to your Vanquish VS410 and many others. Power them with a 3s lipo, which we include a JST plug for convenience. Solder the male end to your battery plug or ESC battery posts. Solder the female JST connector to the headlight leads, and you’re done! We even supply the heat shrink tubing. Get creative with your install! We used a body reamer to enlarge the 5mm led holes in an Axial Cherokee grille and were able to still use the lenses (pictured). Also pictured is our lights mounted in Proline light buckets. Lots of possibilities for mounting. 
What’s included-

(2)10mm dia. X 14mm depth 12v pre-wired LED bulbs

(2) 2” pieces of heat shrink tubing

(1) Female JST connector

(1) Male JST connector

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