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SOR DIY Led Light Kit

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Everything you need in one package, you just need a soldering iron and solder! Color coded LED bulb wiring for easy installation. Designed to work with Knight Customs headlight and taillight buckets for the Element RC KnightRunner and TrailRunner. Special diffused 12v (3S) leds that are easier to photograph for your scale pictures.
 Set includes-

2 5mm Headlight Bulbs

2 3mm Amber Front Marker Bulbs

4 TRD Pro style Amber Grille Bulbs

2 Fog Light Bulbs

2 Red Taillight Bulbs (4 for the TrailRunner)

2 3mm Red Taillight Bulbs

6 Adhesive Wire Clips

2 Feet of 22ga Wire

2 Pairs of JST Plugs


TrailRunner has all of the above in addition to- 

2 5mm Red Taillight Bulbs 

 These quantities are for the Knight Customs Gen 5 4Runner 3D printed front end and rear taillights.

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