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EPX has landed!

Posted by Jeremy Kendall on

Hi everyone, 

Lots to share! The new EPX is here, and the first thing you'll notice is that it's no longer called the EPX Pro. We'll get into details shortly, but the main reason behind this is that if we could go back and do it all over again, this would be our version that we wanted to release if we didn't have the constrictions we had developing the first kits.

We have applied what we have learned along the way and are treating the new kit as a re-release complete with new packaging, more parts, refined designs, a new military firearms grade hard anodizing, matte carbon fiber, and more! I'll let Travis go into more detail on what else is new on the technical side later on. 

One of the features I am most excited about isn't anything physically included- Product Support. To our knowledge this will be the first ever scale RC product that has setup sheets. If you are familiar with RC racing then you know what a valuable resource setup sheets are. They include literally every detail that can be tuned or changed all the way down to tires and foams. You will have a downloadable .PDF that features places to record shock oil, shock position, weight added, tire type and compound, spring rate, gearing, and more.

Not only that but you will be able to download setup sheets from other drivers that can be shared in our EPX Facebook Community files tab. We will have several available from Travis and I's EPX builds that will allow you to find a good starting setup that applies to your build, then you can fine tune to your liking. This is especially helpful for guys that comp. If you had a day where your truck was on-point and you really liked it, record everything on the truck, along with information regarding weather and temperature (since that obviously affects traction). We are really excited about this performance package and we feel really good about what you guys will be getting to experience driving yours. Thanks always for the support!


Hey everyone! If this is your first time reading one of these from us- I am Travis and I do our technical product development. We started this journey back in 2020 with the original EPX, and EPX Pro later that year. Many of you out there are still rocking these kits, which is killer! This was a big leap for us to try and jump in and compete in this space.

EPX/EPX Pro did very well for us. We learned a ton along the way and that allowed us to go down the road of presenting EPX the way it looks today. 

Let's stop wasting time though, and get into some details!

What's in the Box?

 EPX now, like its predecessor, is made up of several primary bolt on components. 

  • 2 x Hybrid Shock Tower Pairs, with the Standard and LCG Carbon Inserts.
  • 1 x Rear Axle Upper Link Riser
  • 1 x LCG Adjustable Battery Tray Mount (updated for better hole placement to improve fit quality)
  • 2 x Chassis Mounted Rear Upper Link Risers
  • All Necessary Installation Hardware

And as always, the 6061 Aluminum Parts are Machined and Anodized in the USA!

We are sticking to our guns in that we believe that geometry is king when it comes to vehicle setup. We also believe that enthusiasts should have as many options as possible for building their rig the way they want to. 

A flat rail chassis for example, may not be the look that somebody wants out of their scale build. They may also still want it to perform well though and be fun to drive in various conditions. This shouldn't be a difficult compromise to make. What EPX can offer for stability and performance, can match any flat rail setup out there (Bold statement, but we feel very strongly that it is true. 

Our signature styling blends into the chassis really well, and in many of our builds here we exhibit that EPX has a high contribution to the fun factor, without negatively affecting the look of our build. 

With the Hybrid Towers inclusion as well, the mounting provisions for body posts make it easy to continue use of your current body, or easily mount a new one, with the posts matching the stock Element post positions. 

The Engineering- What Will This Do for Me? 

As far as the geometry itself and the value it brings- EPX has always had provided great stability and predictability for users. We wanted to capture this once again and not reinvent the wheel just to say we changed something. The Hybrid Tower Geometry for the LCG Inserts for example, are not translated copies of what the old gen EPX offered. We took what we learned and sought to improve on the next go around. 

The rear end stability is a massive factor as well in this kit- especially since it all has to be complimentary in the end. 

The combination of the axle and chassis mounted risers really elevate how the Element rig traverses tricky terrain that would normally test your center of gravity. The link repositioning helps force the weight bias around depending on your present situation- which takes emphasis off of getting your rig's CG on the bench as low as possible. 

Through this setup- this rig can offer a lot of that for you passively. This will be the subject of plenty of future blog posts, as well as we felt why the Setup Sheet we are offering is high value. There is so much more to getting performance out of your rig than just leaning your shocks and bolting some parts on- but that doesn't mean it needs to be complicated either! We mainly aim to make this accessible as possible for you. 

Note however that Trailing Arm rigs will not really benefit from this Kit. We'll dive in more later, but this works best when paired with a 4-Link setup in the rear.

The EPX Ecosystem

Keeping our kit modular as well- allows for an easy baseline in the future should we choose to make updates based upon what we continue to learn. The Setup Sheet was a big factor in this as well, because our old kit has a strong community behind it and we wanted to enable you all with more tools! 

When you are buying an EPX, you are buying a product ecosystem. That ecosystem will only expand and the EPX Kit will remain the centerpiece for years to come. 

We do not want to create situations that force obsoletion of products. EPX Pro unfortunately was a consequence of OEM platform updates, which we addressed with Hybrid Towers. In the future- we want to avoid this by offering an expandable product model and keep any new updates and configurations easily accessible to both current and future users.

We want this to work retroactively as well. We have a lot of loyal previous-gen EPX users out there, and we want to take care of you guys, too. Since the Hybrid Towers were the biggest geometry update to the kit, we will be discounting the price of them standalone on the store for a bit- so that way any existing users can upgrade easier, while we prepare the new EPX Kit to ship. 

What's the Price and When Will EPX Ship?

EPX will be offered exclusively on our Webstore for $149.99, and will ship Late August.

We have a couple more things to share along the way while we are getting ready to release EPX for shipping. We'll be sharing sneak peaks of the Setup Sheets, Instruction Manual, and also taking deeper dives on EPX and what it can offer, in more blog posts over the coming weeks. 


The EPX listing is live on our store here! -

New Orders are shipping at the end of August 2022!


Thank you everyone for reading and being a part of the journey! Feel free to reach us any time at for any support needs or inquiries!


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