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This Week at SOR - 3/28

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Welcome everyone! The cat is out of the bag (well, one of them!). 

We have some big news to share this week that I know we are super stoked to finally get to share some of what we have been cooking up over the past Winter!

Before we take a dive into some info on the new parts, I do want to provide some updates.


Last week, Jay posted up on the SOR pages detailing things he is working through and stating there could be some delays. If you didn't happen to catch it on Facebook or Instagram, check out the screenshot below.

As of now, things seem to be mildly improving day to day, but for now there will be order delays for items that come from him. Customers who had orders in the store prior to last Wednesday have all been contacted (check your spam if you didn't see anything from me) and I will be doing another round of order updates today & tomorrow to all affected orders to keep people posted. This primarily affects vinyl orders. 

We also want to say thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding while we've taken a brief pause. Everyone's responses have been overwhelmingly positive and we are extremely grateful. It is always very nerve wracking when things like this happen, big or small, because we never want to disappoint people and deliver on our promises!

Otherwise though- we will make sure to keep communication high as things change so you guys know where things stand as this goes on. 


Episode 100 should be released sometime midweek. We had our livestream a while back that I need to just get published now so those who missed it can check it out! Episode 101 was recorded without me, so that upload will have to wait until Jay gets back into the swing of things.

Just like orders though, we'll be back as soon as we can be to recording and getting things going again!


  • SOR Enduro Rear Axle Upper Link Risers are back in stock and available through us and Amain Hobbies! All Risers feature a new Hard Black anodizing!
  • All new Trailing Arm Orders now have the M2 screws installed with Loctite, if you order from either us or Amain.

 Now onto the big news!


 The last couple days I have been sharing some pictures across social media of our new Hybrid Shock Towers for the Element Enduro. We announced these a little while ago, showing some pics of non-anodized prototype towers.

Now though- the production versions are here, anodized in the new Hard Black that we updated the Rear Axle Link Riser with. We don't have ALL the details worked out quite yet, such as the price, but all of that information will become available in the coming days. 

As far as the design and function goes though- that is all tied up and we are pretty stoked with how it all turned out.  

Note that hardware shown in any of these pics is subject to change and not final.

Some details-

  • These will be sold in pairs
  • The towers themselves are 6061 Aluminum, machined and anodized in the USA.
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware
  • Each set includes both Stock and LCG Carbon Plates 
  • Towers are machined with body post holes, so no body mounting alternatives are needed.

The driving force behind some of the details was accessibility. We wanted these to be easy to install, as well as easy to work with throughout the life of your rig. 

If you are like us, then you change body configurations often. Fortunately, the Hybrid Towers allow you to remove and adjust the shock plates, without having to mess with your body mounting setup, and vice versa. 

Looking back, the EPX Pro mounted the Carbon Plate over the factory set screw/pin that held the post in place, and you had to take off the Carbon pieces to access it. That was an oversight on my part in that design, thus it has been addressed on the Hybrid Towers. You can remove the Carbon Plate, or body post screw, completely independent of each other, keeping your assembly and disassembly to the absolute minimum.

To maximize convenience of installation- we also made sure to check off a few boxes

  • Body Post hole center to center width across the chassis is the same as both the original and GKS style stock towers.
  • Side mounting holes for the body post screws are in the same position as its counterpart on the original Enduro shock towers, and the lower hole of the GKS style towers. 
  • Shock mounting positions using the Stock Carbon Plate are the same as the original Enduro towers. 

All of this was intended to minimize having to  'figure things out' as much as we possibly could, and make this as plug and play as possible. 

To conclude with a few more details

  • These are technically compatible with all Enduro variations. This is better applied to builds not featuring Trailing Arm rear suspension setups, or builds with the Gatekeeper cage. In another blog, I will dive into some of the Trailing Arm geometry logic and the related caveats. 
  • We will have these available for Pre-Order once pricing is finalized and shared. 
  • We expect to be shipping Pre-Orders by the middle of April.

For now- this is what we have to share. The next one of these we do, I will dive into why we chose to go down this path and tease a bit more of what is to come. By then too, we hope to have pricing dialed in. 

Thank you all for the support! If you have any questions, or inquiries in general, please reach out to

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