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This Week at SOR - 2/19/23: Servo on Axle Mount Update

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Hey everyone! I wanted to post some updates regarding where we are at with our upcoming Brass Servo on Axle Mount for the Element Enduro!
Summarizing this update, we originally estimated that Mid-February would be the point where we'd be looking at shipping our first units. As of today, we are pushing this back to Mid-March for shipping expectations, though there is a decent likelihood that we'll be done earlier than that. 

The only real delay we had was due to transit time for the Brass material getting to our machining vendor. It took a couple weeks longer than anticipated, but once it arrived, we had more prototypes machined and sent to us for review and approval. We pushed through a couple changes that impact the quality of fitment over the axle truss, specifically, and a week later we had our new samples and we greenlit production. 

That all said, the first Production mounts are on our way to us now. The first production run of anything, I like to have sent uncoated to me for a larger batch quality review. After that, we'll send out for coating.

This is a key detail that is changing though, as we will NOT be offering these in the same Hard-Anodized Black that we originally communicated. We will be offering these in a Black Cerakote instead, for the first time ever. 

Anodizing Brass is a tricky process, and some vendors will not do it, including our current one. I ultimately concluded that Cerakote would be fine in this application, rather than trying to chase down those who would be willing to anodize this, and potentially delay release any further, especially if I ended up not happy with the early results. There will also be no changes to pricing as a result of this. 

Once these come back from coating, pass our quality checks, and we post a bunch of pictures of them for you all to see, then we'll be ready for release! This is a simple part, but we take quality and workmanship seriously. We apologize for inconveniences potentially caused by the shipping date slipping, but as always, we believe it'll be worth it! We cannot wait to get this out into the world and see all the awesome rigs you all install this on!

Those who have pre-ordered this, will receive this communication via email! We are also still offering our pre-order promotion, where pre-ordering one of these from our store enters you for a chance to receive it for free! We will be drawing two orders to refund them and ship them for free, once we begin shipping!

You can pre-order the mount here!

Please reach out to me at if you have any questions, and I will be happy to assist!

Thank you!
Travis Kendall

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