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This Week at SOR - 2/4

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Welcome back everyone! January was a big month for us in terms of laying the groundwork for the year's product releases. We've got a big focus on making your perfect scale build more accessible!

Before we go any further, make sure you've checked out our last blog from 1/7


You're probably surprised at some of the new products we are carrying. We get asked often when we post a build, where we got an item. Well, we have decided to start stocking some of the products that we really like or use commonly on our builds. Our new scale awning we debuted this week is a perfect example. 

We also have been working on putting together practical little collections of items we use, like the Loadout. Priced right, easy to use, and is a great add on item to help with making your shipping charge easier for you to justify in some cases. We also thought it would be fun to offer some cool little items to customize your pack, like our Loadout series colored zipper pulls. We've been in scale RC for a while now and look forward to offering you all more practical items to help you get the most out of your scale adventures! 

Wraps are starting to return to the store! Marking the occasion, we debuted something big which is our Warfighter Polished Aluminum Look wraps for rigs with panels. We will be re-releasing some popular favorites from the past with some new spins on them as well as some brand new never before designs, colors, and finishes. 

We are working on expanding our product variety to cover all of your scale building needs!

We still have a few of the EPX Chassis Link Riser Pairs left, so make sure you grab them before they're gone!


As far as Out of Stock, we are working hard to get our Enduro Rear Axle Upper Link Riser back in stock! We have a ton of them coming, but we had some delays as we changed our anodizing vendor ahead of development of Project Grande and so we had to work out various details, as we've changed the entire anodizing specification for our Products going forward. I am expecting these toward the end of next week.

Make sure you have signed up for our notifications so you get an email when we get them back in!

We also added our Decal Installation Tips page back to the store! Check it out under the Support tab to get our take on the best practices for applying your decals!



Project Grande will be revealed soon, and machine part prototypes are enroute to us as I type this! We are not far from the reveal and cannot wait to show you guys what we've been cooking up. 


  • EPX Trailing Arms - The M2 Screws that hold the Ball Cartridge to the Trailing Arm are not installed with threadlock when I assemble them! I did not do this because I was worried about excess loctite egress when packaged and shipped, the potential of users stripping the screw, as well as our stress testing did not indicate that we needed to apply threadlock to this. However, it is possible that some of the screws had excess oil. This was something I had planned to communicate at launch and put in the product description on the webstore, but it slipped through. This is updated now, but if you have encountered an issue here, please email me at 
  • EPX Shock Keys incompatible with Gatekeeper/Ecto/Builder's Kit 2 towers - we have been aware of this since launch of that design. We have been watching that closely and I am working on our solution to this currently. More details to come! For now we recommend using the original Element tower if you want to use the shock keys!
  • Factory Team Steel Balls not fitting into Rear Axle Link Riser - this had come up on a post on our EPX Facebook Group about how the FT Metal Balls are too wide for the Rear Riser. The root cause and fix is detailed in the comments, but it just requires some filing of each side of the ball, about .05mm on each side.


Today, Episode 99 of That Scale RC Show went public for download/streaming! We also released Episode 98 with @sac.the.ripper on IG since the last TWAS. 

Go check those out on Spotify, Podbean, Google Podcasts, and more! We also have an embedded web player on the That Scale RC Show page of our website.


Thank you all for joining us for another This Week at SOR and we'll see you next time!

Please feel free to reach out with any support needs at

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