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This Week at SOR - 1/7

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first This Week at SOR for 2022! 

We hope everyone had a good holiday season! We had our heads down and were grinding away on getting orders out, as well as working on our new products and doing some continuous improvement on our existing ones!

Last week, we discussed the re-release of some of our favorite items we were forced to discontinue when our main printer died. If you missed this, you can check out last week's blog here.


This week, we released the S.O.S. Scale Vehicle Recovery Kit, as shown below!

These include all your recovery needs and can be found on our webstore here.

We mentioned recently as well that the Chassis Mounted Link Risers from the EPX Pro, will be available as well on our store soon.

These will be available to purchase on the store next Friday (1/14) and will only be available until our stock runs out, so make sure you grab these while you can!

EPX Pro stock as well is winding down, so make sure that you guys grab yours if you have not yet as well! Reminder that these are officially End of Life so there will be no restock after they're gone!

For more new releases, check out the New Products section of the Webstore!


My (Travis') location of SOR, where we ship all EPX and other machine parts items from, will be closed from January 9th to the 13th as I will be in Texas on a work trip for my day job. Any orders placed for parts during that period will be shipped out Friday the 14th.

Since I do our Email Customer Service as well, you may experience delays in me getting back to you, but I will attempt to respond to emails each evening. 

Any orders placed before 11am PST on January 8th will be shipped out prior to the closure.


  • EPX Trailing Arms - The M2 Screws that hold the Ball Cartridge to the Trailing Arm are not installed with threadlock when I assemble them! I did not do this because I was worried about excess loctite egress when packaged and shipped, the potential of users stripping the screw, as well as our stress testing did not indicate that we needed to apply threadlock to this. However, it is possible that some of the screws had excess oil. This was something I had planned to communicate at launch and put in the product description on the webstore, but it slipped through. This is updated now, but if you have encountered an issue here, please email me at 
  • EPX Shock Keys incompatible with Gatekeeper/Ecto/Builder's Kit 2 towers - we have been aware of this since launch of that design. We have been watching that closely and I am working on our solution to this currently. More details to come! For now we recommend using the original Element tower if you want to use the shock keys!
  • Factory Team Steel Balls not fitting into Rear Axle Link Riser - this had come up on a post on our EPX Facebook Group about how the FT Metal Balls are too wide for the Rear Riser. The root cause and fix is detailed in the comments, but it just requires some filing of each side of the ball, about .05mm on each side.
  • Shipping times in the Seattle Area are still delayed. Our recent snowstorm (and now a major rainstorm, yay), impacted the area heavily and things are taking a little while to get back to normal. 


This week, we release Episodes 96 and 97 of That Scale RC Show. 96 is the reupload of our Livestreamed Christmas Special and 97 was recorded this week! Check out the That Scale RC Show page on our Website or head over to the page on Facebook!


Thank you everyone for joining us for This Week at SOR and we'll see you next time!

Please feel free to reach out with any support needs at

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