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This Week at SOR - 12/31

Posted by Jeremy Kendall on

Hi everyone, this is Jeremy. I'm sure you noticed that a lot of people's favorite products from us disappeared from our store. We are slimming down our product lines and bringing back the most popular ones, re-worked and printed on some incredible new vinyl we are using. 

This new printing process and material will mean brighter & more vivid colors. Better resolution, print quality, and is able to contour over curved surfaces and retain it's new shape once heated up and molded. We are thrilled with the outcome, and can't wait for everyone to see our new and improved products in person.

We also are using a new, more optically clear vinyl, so our clear vinyl products will look even better! We are constantly searching for new ways to bring you the highest quality products, and will never settle for "good enough". And now I will turn you over to Travis-


Hey everyone! 

With 2021 now concluding, we are looking at 2022 with plenty of awesome things on the horizon to be excited about! For That Scale RC Show listeners, you'd probably heard about Project Grande- and what it means for EPX Pro and some of our other items. 

If you are not a Podcast listener, then here's the summary- EPX Pro, once sold out on our site, will be discontinued and no longer available.

An end of an era for us really, and we are sad to see it go, but what we are doing as a result will be well worth it for everyone to see and I cannot wait to reveal Project Grande to everyone.

Project Grande will see various levels of reveal starting likely Early to Mid February, so hang tight until then and make sure to check into this blog when we release it for details!

What's Next?

In the shorter term, what can you expect in January? Here are a few details to watch for-

  • Enduro Rear Axle Upper Link Risers going back in stock on our site and Amain
  • For a limited time, we will soon be offering the Chassis Mounted Link Risers that were exclusive to EPX Pro kits. Once these run out as well, they will not be restocked. 
  • Trailing Arms are in stock! These are readily available and ship next business day!
  • EPX Pro will likely sell out this month- so be sure to grab it while you can!

Other News

My (Travis') location of SOR, where we ship all EPX and other machine parts items from, will be closed from January 9th to the 13th as I will be in Texas on a work trip for my day job. Any orders placed for parts during that period will be shipped out Friday the 14th.

Since I do our Email Customer Service as well, you may experience delays in me getting back to you, but I will attempt to respond to emails each evening. 

Any orders placed before 11am PST on January 8th will be shipped out prior to the closure.

Known Issues/Fixes

  • EPX Shock Keys incompatible with Gatekeeper/Ecto/Builder's Kit 2 towers - we have been aware of this since launch of that design. We have been watching that closely and I am working on our solution to this currently. More details to come! For now we recommend using the original Element tower if you want to use the shock keys!
  • Factory Team Steel Balls not fitting into Rear Axle Link Riser - this had come up on a post on our EPX Facebook Group about how the FT Metal Balls are too wide for the Rear Riser. The root cause and fix is detailed in the comments, but it just requires some filing of each side of the ball, about .05mm on each side.
  • We just had a snow storm! While we know that Seattle doesn't get 'real snow', our area's lack of infrastructure and experience in dealing with weather of all kinds means that shipping times have been impacted. We've already seen USPS across the area fall a few days behind, so please be patient with your order updates and we will reach out to anyone particularly affected. 

That Scale RC Show

Last week, we had our Second Annual Cringy Holiday Special Live Show! You can go check out the That Scale RC Show Facebook page to check it out, and will be released for listening on Podbean Monday.

For Podcast Patrons, some of your bottles have shipped out and some of you are still waiting! We are working through these as quick as we can and I will follow up to make sure we don't miss anybody!


Thank you everyone for joining us for This Week at SOR and we'll see you next time!

Please feel free to reach out with any support needs at


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