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This Week at SOR - 12/3

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Hi everyone,

Jay here. You’ve probably noticed some changes here recently. We had to retire one of our printers. There’s a lot of really good options out there. Until we decide to replace that unit, we are removing the products we offered that were specific to that printer. We’re going to use this time to revamp our product line and discontinue some slow selling products. We also will continue to post new products and will be updating some of your favorites as well. We’re also planning more parts releases this coming year, which we are very excited about. For that, I will turn you over to Travis-


Hey everyone,

For those who don't know me, I handle our customer support and parts development! I also ship all of the parts- so if you've ordered any EPX or Trailing Arms, chances are I shipped them to you!

Though it is not quite done, we've had an awesome year! While the printer being retired is a huge bummer, this is a big opportunity for us to really shape what SOR will look like over the coming decade, and celebrate what we've done for the past decade so far.

For this year- we made a big milestone in getting the EPX Trailing Arms out and shipping! We know that people have been super excited about these, and the last of the backlog of the Black Friday orders will ship out today! Huge thank you to everyone who ordered and for your patience!


It's been a long but fun project making these a reality and we are thrilled with everyone's reaction to these. 

We've also seen some success with our pre-existing products like EPX Pro and our Rear Link Riser. These are pretty far into their lifecycle now and we still see strong customer support for these, so thank you!

What's Next?

We have a lot within our scope at the moment, and are setting up for a pretty ambitious 2022. While we can't go into a lot of detail just yet, I can at least say that we are dedicated to creating a comprehensive Scale RC ecosystem- from vinyl products to LED kits to parts! We look to build out each corner of what we do even more and provide as much versatility as we can for your build.

For parts in particular, we are going to continue to push our trademark of performance-based items, for those looking to get every bit they can out of their vehicles. However, the Trailing Arms kicked off something new for us, being a cosmetic item. Expect to see much more of the latter as well.

Known Issues/Fixes

  • EPX Shock Keys incompatible with Gatekeeper/Ecto/Builder's Kit 2 towers - we have been aware of this since launch of that design. We have been watching that closely and I am working on our solution to this currently. More details to come! For now we recommend using the original Element tower if you want to use the shock keys!
  • Factory Team Steel Balls not fitting into Rear Axle Link Riser - this had come up recently in a post on our EPX Facebook Group about how the FT Metal Balls are too wide for the Rear Riser. The root cause and fix is detailed in the comments, but it just requires some filing of each side of the ball, about .05mm on each side. Element is looking into this as well and we'll detail more when we can.
  • As Jay said above, many of our products had been unlisted over the last week or two. We are anxious to get them back as soon as we are able, and we are listening to customer demand about which ones they want to see return more than others.

That Scale RC Show

Today we released Episode 94 of That Scale RC Show with Chris Trudeau. You can go check it out on Podbean or Spotify, as well as the That Scale RC Show page of our website!

Thank you all for joining us for the first edition of This Week at SOR! We aim to make this a regular thing and we hope you guys enjoy seeing some insight into what we do and what is coming!

For any questions please reach out to

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