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Power Outage - Fulfillment Delays May Occur

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Unfortunately our HQ on Camano Island is without power until further notice, and has been down the last two days. As such, you may see some delays beyond our usual approximated turnaround time of 2 weeks for fulfillment of Vinyl orders and other small accessories, since production and shipping of those items takes place there.

Parts like EPX Pro and the EPX Trailing Arms are unaffected as they are stored and shipped by me offsite, so those will continue to see an average shipping time of next business day.

Immediately affected customers will be contacted today, and as always we will try and sprint to make sure your orders are fulfilled quickly.

If you have any questions- please reach out to and I will reach back out as quick as I am able.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

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