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This Week at SOR - 4/11

Posted by Travis Kendall on

Hey everyone! Another week of the blog and we have a lot of good news to share!

Jay is back and working on orders, we have lots of parts and accessories in stock, and we are near the finish line for release of the Hybrid Towers!

Before we dive in though, I wanted to give a quick customer shoutout to Shane Heigert! A while back we gave away the CrawleRADo body on our page and Shane recently finished up a build with it and we think it came together perfectly!

Shane has been a loyal customer of ours for a long time and he was a perfect recipient of this. Thank you again Shane!

In the future too I DEFINITELY want to do more customer build spotlights! Can't promise they will make it in to anything, but feel free to send us your builds at and I'll try and pick one every time we release a blog!

Now, onto some news!


If you missed our last blog post, or you hadn't seen our social media posts, Jay had been battling some health issues in the second half of March and into April that forced him to take a pause on work for a little bit! Whilst we always want to take care of customers as quick as we can, we felt it was the right approach to be cautious and allow some time to recover and get better! Since I work remote of Jay and thus am separated from the graphics production, we were unable to ship graphics orders for a little while.

The good news though is that Jay is back to it and is cranking through orders as quickly as he is able! I am running behind myself on sending updates out to people, but I know he is cranking through the backlog, so don't worry if you have not heard from me yet. As always too, you will receive an email from us once we have made the label for your shipment and is ready to go out!

If you have any further inquiries on this though and your order status, please email us! Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding through this!


Episode 100 has finally been uploaded, and Episodes 101 and 102 have been recorded and are just waiting for upload. I was not present on Episode 101, so Jay recorded that one and once he gets that up then I can upload 102. 



Last week I enabled carrier rate shipping through our webstore to allow multiple shipping methods you can choose from when ordering various parts and accessories through the webstore! This is set up for now for everything that ships from me, so don't be alarmed if you still see Standard Shipping as an option, as that still applies to Vinyl products and a few other items. I wanted to be able to provide everyone more shipping versatility, and we all have different experiences with different carriers. This also means too that shipping rates at checkout will calculate from the carrier directly!


These will be going live on the Webstore tomorrow and will be available for Pre-Order! 

We are thrilled to be finally releasing these! We expect that once ordering is available, we will begin shipping on April 22nd, and that timeframe will update as orders come in! 

More will be available on the listing tomorrow, but we will be selling these in pairs (1 Left and 1 Right) for $54.99. These come with all the necessary hardware for installation and include Carbon Plates for both the Stock and LCG configurations!

Thanks for joining us on the blog this week, and for the continuous support! If you have any questions, or inquiries in general, please reach out to me at!

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